CPR Certification Nashville

cpr certification nashville

American Heart Association Nashville CPR Classes

We offer several American Heart Association “BLS For Healthcare Providers” CPR Classes throughout the week. We also have Heartsaver CPR/AED classes as well. Please click on the Classes link for our current schedule.

  • You get your American Heart Association card at the end of class.
  • CPR cards are good for 2 years.

Our CPR certification Nashville Classes are $65.00 per student. This INCLUDES the book, so there’s no need to purchase one. No matter where you take your class, be sure to find out if the book is included. Although you can register & pay for your class online, most people prefer to call & talk to an actual person before signing up. Just give us a call at (615) 338-8525 with any questions. All we need is your name and phone number, & we’ll add you to the roster. There’s no need to pay upfront.

american heart association nashville

CPR Certification in Nashville

Imagine playing your typical Saturday afternoon baseball game with your friends. All of a sudden, a friend of yours just falls to the ground. You yell out his name, but he doesn’t respond. Your friend’s face is sickly white with a blue tint, and he doesn’t appear to be breathing. You feel his carotid artery, but there’s no pulse. You yank your cell phone out of your pocket and call 911.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

SCA(Sudden Cardiopulmonary Arrest) kills more than 300,000 women and men every single year. It is a leadingcause of death for adults in the U.S. Fortunately for us, western medicine has developed many techniques to treatthose who may experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest. A lot of the more advanced emergency procedures will require advanced cardiac life support training as well as advanced equipment. There is, however, one technique that doesn’t require advanced equipment or training. With just a few hours of CPR certification in Nashville, a civilian can save countless lives.
To get proper CPR training in Nashville, please give us a call at (615) 338-8525 to sign up for an American Heart Association CPR class today.

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  1. Many hands-on classes consist of in-person training, plus some online training abilities, our unique Internet AND classroom training program capitalizes on today’s innovation to interactively show and offer extensive guidelines in theoretical and cognitive CPR certification Milwaukee, AED and First Aid abilities.
    Do you guys have the American Heart Association online & skills test training? Do you have to send your rosters in to your training center?